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SPRING-SUMMER Collection - Ballerina flats

Ballerina flats – effortlessly stylish footwear. Flats are inspired by ballet shoes, they are comfortable and elegant. They quickly became an essential part of every modern woman’s shoe closet. They are easily paired with every outfit, and are a much more comfortable choice, than heels. There are countless styles and variations available. Leather ballerina flats and pointy toed flats pair extremely well with a more sophisticated, feminine outfit, while strappy, colorful ballerina flats are a perfect match with a simple, everyday combination, like a white T-shirt and jeans kind of look. Hop Hop Shop has the perfect pair of ballerina flats for every occasion – springtime walks, summer vacations, formal dinners, business meetings, unforgettable summer parties, and the list goes on! Leather flats are widely popular, as they work well with every style. Our store offers more elegant flats with buckles, straps and clasps, velour flats with ribbons (which became a huge trend in the last few seasons), pointy toed flats, ballerina flats with zircons, high-heeled or more comfy, flat ones. A wide assortment of materials and colors makes it possible for everyone to find that perfect pair of ballerina flats, in which every step taken this summer becomes memorable!


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