Plain color women clogs

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Plain color women’s clogs — the newest trend in the shoe world Clogs are a bit controversial — while some adore them, some wouldn’t wear them for the world. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t popular. We see them on social media, but also on the runway. They can be combined with sweatpants, jeans and pretty dresses. The biggest advantage of plain colored models is that they are easily combined with different styles and clothes, and they make for a great effortless look. Clogs are stylish and very comfortable, so you can wear them even if you’re up on your feet for most of the day. The anatomic models are especially feet-friendly, and for enhanced breathability, you can always choose clogs with tiny holes cut into them. We have many models of clogs in our online store. This season, air max clogs are highly popular. If you want a plain color clog that catches the eye, you can choose a pair with a shiny metallic finish — gold and silver are a big hit this season! If comfort is the main characteristic you’re looking for, you’ll love our soft leather clogs, which have a bio print insole for added comfort. We also have high heeled clogs, and platformed clogs for those, who’d really like to stand out of the crowd.